YOGO codes for direct links

How to create direct links for sales in YOGO

Direct links to membership:

Go to YOGO admin and navigate to the 'Prices' section.

To create a new link, you can find the ID for the membership on the left side of the membership list. Then, simply copy the above link and replace the ID (in this example, xxxx) with the ID of the course you want to link to.

NOTE! Remember to change 'nameonstudio' to your studio name


Link for class passes (Class pass (fixed number of classes) and Class pass (time based)


Use the same approach. Use the above link for class passes (fixed number of classes) and class passes (time-based), and locate the correct ID to replace it.



Go to 'Events' in YOGO admin.

On the list of events, you will find an ID to the left of the name. To create a new link, simply copy the above link and replace the ID (in this example, xxxx) with the ID of the event you want to link to.


Class series:


Go to 'Class series' in YOGO admin.
Use the above link for class series, locate the correct ID, and replace it.


Display the 'create new customer' form along with the pricing information.

If you prefer to display the 'sign up new customer' form instead of the login form, you can add:


before ’#’ in the link.
For example:



Link for ’Login’



Link for 'sign up new customer'